still pretty lost in the world around me.
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    this is actually really cute 

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    The Black People Never Mentioned in Black History During Black History Month

    Who: Ursula Burns

    From: New York City, NY

    Contribution: It all started with an intern job in 1980. And, since 2007, Ursula has been the CEO of the $15 billion dollar computer company Xerox. She earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York and a master’s in engineering from Columbia. She is also appointed by President Obama, as the vice chair of his Export Council. 



    Dog, why come I never heard about her???

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    interviewer: Why r u such a hoe
    Me: Because it’s so much fun, Jan!

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    One of my favorite quote of Malcolm in the middle.

    Happy birthday to me

    My bday every year

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    *takes gulp of vodka straight from the bottle* my day was fine

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    I’m not a misandrist, but a few quick questions:

    If men can’t even make their own sandwiches, why are they allowed to make bills in congress?

    If men can’t control their own sexual urges, why are they allowed to control nations?

    If a woman’s legs/shoulders are enough to distract a man, how can we trust them to stay focused on things like open heart surgery or judging a murder trial?

    Again not a misandrist, some of my best friends are guys and i’m even dating one.

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    • store: help wanted
    • me: *applies for job*
    • store: no not you
  • Today is Racist Fuckery (10.20.14): At yesterday’s protest outside the St Louis Rams game, racist fans got rowdy and physical. Who got arrested? Two of the protesters, of course. Mike Brown means we have to fight back. #staywoke

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    when shots are fired but you have a good comeback

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